Lismore flood recovery rebuild update – Demolitions

MEMBER for Lismore Janelle Saffin MP says there is significant concern in the community about post-flood house demolition.
Media Release

“I have followed up these concerns, including those raised in the petition set up by local resident Kristin Den Exter and I can report:

  • “To date, demolitions have only occurred under the Flood Property Assessment Program and that decision has been made by homeowners after assessments conducted by NSW Public Works and other relevant technical people.
  • “There have not been any demolitions yet as part of the Resilient Homes Program.
  • “The NRRC’s priority is to relocate homes wherever possible but if that isn’t feasible, then they will look for all opportunities to reuse and recycle materials such as the beautiful hardwoods contained in many of our historic homes.
  • “Where possible, materials suitable for reuse or recycling will be made available to the local community. The NRRC will establish partnerships with local councils and waste management and recycling businesses to develop an equitable and efficient process for that to happen.
  • “The NRRC, in collaboration with the Living Lab, is also looking at ways homeowners can share and record memories of their homes before any demolitions take place so we can capture our important heritage.

“We must make sure that reuse of homes is considered before any demolitions occur, including those purchased under the buyback program, and I am assured that this will happen,” Ms Saffin said.

“Anyone with particular concerns about their property can raise it with me directly.”

Thursday 3 August 2023