Raising issues in Parliament

Members of Parliament can ask up to nine Questions on Notice per sitting week on behalf of their communities. These questions must be answered by the relevant Minister within 35 days.

If there are questions you would like asked please email or send a letter to the office.

You can read all of Janelle’s questions and answers at Parliament.

If you have an issue with the State Government or a State Government department, Janelle can make a representation to the relevant Minister and keep you advised of the progress and outcome.

If you would like to submit a petition to NSW Parliament, Janelle can help.

First read the rules about petitions and a sample petition form.

To access Janelle’s  Community Recognition Statements please click here


If you need a Justice of the Peace (JP) to witness a statutory declaration or affidavit, or to certify copies of original documents, you can access a JP through the Lismore office. 

Awards and recognition

There are opportunities throughout the year to recognise individuals, teams, organisations and community groups through Award nomination or Community Recognition Statements.

If you know someone who deserves recognition for outstanding efforts or contribution to their community, let the Lismore office know or consider nominating them for an award. 

Congratulatory messages

Australians living in New South Wales celebrating a special birthday or wedding anniversary can receive a personal letter of congratulations from the Premier, and/or Prime Minister. 

On particular special occasions, you are also eligible to receive messages from the Queen and Governor-General.

The Lismore office can organise these congratulatory messages for you.