Text of letter sent to Hon Chris Minns on 15 June 2023

DEAR PREMIER - We the elected representatives of the Northern Rivers are writing to you to ask you to deliver on tranche two of the Resilient Homes program (RHP) as soon as possible.
Media Release

Our communities need to know that the funding they believed would come is definitely coming and that the RHP as promised will be completed.

The RHP was initially given funding of $750 million, but when officially drawn up and presented to Cabinet the figure stood at $1.5 billion. A decision was made by Cabinet to fund the first tranche and any commitment to the second tranche would follow.

The then Premier Dominic Perrottet assured us MPs and Mayors of this, and also the affected communities.

You will recall this, as yourself as Opposition Leader stated that you would back in what had been done and committed to the region we all represent and then again as Premier on your early visit to Lismore. 

We are now asking for tranche two to come sooner than later so that the RHP can be completed.

Some nearly 16 months on from the humanitarian disaster that engulfed our communities we need to know that, as promised, we will not be forgotten and that we can recover to bring more stability into our communities. 

Further to our request for tranche two funding to complete the RHP we request to meet you in person to discuss this matter and the overall issues impacting the flood recovery and rebuild, including the NRRC and its remit. It is fair to say that we were disappointed with their ‘maps’ release.

We look forward to your response and working with you on this in a collaborative way together on seminal issues that impact our community.

Yours sincerely,

Janelle Saffin MP, Member for Lismore

Geoff Provest MP, Member for Tweed

Tamara Smith MP, Member for Ballina

Richie Williamson MP, Member for Clarence

Councillor Steve Krieg, Mayor of Lismore

Councillor Kylie Thomas, Mayor of Kyogle

Councillor Sharon Cadwallader, Mayor of Ballina Shire

Councillor Michael Lyon, Mayor of Byron Shire

Councillor Chris Cherry, Mayor of Tweed Shire

Councillor Ian Tiley, Mayor of Richmond Valley

Councillor Robert Mustow, Mayor of Clarence Valley