Government’s EOI announcement ‘bitterly disappointing’, says Saffin

Janelle Saffin MP has slammed a NSW Government announcement of an EOI for landowners as bitterly disappointing for residential homeowners impacted by the February and March floods.
Media Release

Member for Lismore Janelle Saffin says she is bitterly disappointed with the NSW Government’s announcement today of an EOI process for landholders to identify possible development sites.

“Our community members have been eagerly anticipating the announcement of the EOI process for buybacks, relocatables, voluntary landswaps and house-raising.

“They were NOT eagerly awaiting a landholders EOI process.

“After six months wait we get this pathetic little announcement.

“We already know where the available land is.

“Landholders have been coming to me for the last six months identifying available sites and the government has this information.

“The Government needs to get the machinery of government into gear. They can do it all together – call for the EOIs for buy backs, relocatable homes, house raising and landswaps now.

“I cannot comprehend their thinking.  Are we to wait another six months for action on housing options?