Saffin keeps focus on 24/7 police station for Murwillumbah

Janelle Saffin MP used a Private Members Statement in Parliament to again focus on The Nationals' broken promise of a 24/7 Police Station for Murwillumbah.
Media Release

LISMORE MP Janelle Saffin again has taken up the issue of round-the-clock policing in Murwillumbah during a Private Members Statement on services and infrastructure for the town and surrounding villages.

This is a growing area, so we need to have 24/7 police station coverage, Ms Saffin told Parliament.

“That is one of the things that I am driving for,” Ms Saffin said.

“The people petitioned for a 24/7 police station in Murwillumbah and we need that to happen.”

Ms Saffin on 20 October last year brought a Notice of Motion to the Legislative Assembly that this House:

  • Notes The NSW Nationals promised the Government would operate a police station in Murwillumbah 24 hours a day and seven days a week.
  • Notes this promise would be achieved through an extra allocation of 15 police officers.
  • Notes this promise was never delivered.
  • Calls on the Government to deliver on its promise.

Ms Saffin said the Government had had more than a decade in which to make good on its promise and had failed the local community.

“I note that recently, the Government announced an extra 550 police statewide,” Ms Saffin said.

On 18 July this year, the Deputy Premier and Police Minister Paul Toole announced that there would be 550 new positions in the NSW Police Force this financial year.

“Two extra officers appear to be coming to Tweed Heads, but we also need 24/7 police station coverage in Murwillumbah,” Ms Saffin said.