Muller Road – Speed Zone Review

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In response to a request from the local council on behalf of the community, Transport for NSW has recently completed a speed zone review on Muller Road from Rous Road to the end of Muller Road including Willis Road, to consider the appropriateness of the existing speed limit. This review has been completed in accordance with the NSW Speed Zoning Guidelines.

Muller road and Willis road are local roads managed by Lismore City Council, however TfNSW has never previously been requested to consider the appropriate speed zone. As such, the 100 km/h default speed limit currently applies. There are currently no speed zone signs.

I am pleased to confirm that the review has resulted in the implementation of a 50 km/h speed limit on Muller Road from Rous Road to the end of Muller Road including Willis Road, (a length of 2.1 km) to 50 km/h.

The key reasons for the changes are:

  • Muller and Willis Road currently have a default speed limit of 100 km/h as a speed zone review has not been carried out on these roads.
  • Muller Road is very narrow (pavement widths between 3.0 and 4.0m) and has several blind crests and curves.
  • Willis Road is a side road off Muller Road with limited sight distance at the intersection point and similar topography to Muller Road.
  • Both roads are considered rural residential.

Lismore City Council staff have been advised of the review and support the change.